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Most area carpet cleaning services out there will simply use a Carpet Cleaning Machine to clean your rug at your home. Using carpet cleaning chemicals not for rug cleaning. There is a difference in wall to wall carpet and Area Rugs. 

Others us just full submersion, squeegee the rug on a concrete floor and hang it to dry. This process also takes days to dry and you won't see your rug back for weeks or months. 

We have had our machine designed and engineered in Turkey, a place where rugs are as common as carpet is in the USA. Shipped here to the our shop, to be able to clean and treat every style, size and type of rug you throw at it. We specialize in cleaning Turkish, Persian, Oriental, Synthetic, and Natural fibers (Wool). We take special care in our work and meticulously inspect each rug before and after it goes through the cleaning process, to ensure all repairs are made, spots are removed, and pet problems are treated. Our process takes no more than a week and in some cases you can have your rug back in your home in just a day. Call us today to receive a Free Quote!!!!

How It Works

Inspection of dirt, stains, damages on Area rug Cleaning


Final Inspection/Return

Cleaning/ Repair

Call and schedule the pick up and we can give a general price quote. Once in the shop it is inspected and a final quote is given and approved by the owner. Your area rug cleaning begins.

Area Rug Cleaning

Cleaning/ Repair

Final Inspection/Return

Cleaning/ Repair

  • Your rug is them relieved of the embedded soil by a Dusting Machine. This beats the dirt out.
  •  Pre treated for pet and soiling, Submerged if needed. And cleaned in the cleanvac machine.
  • It is rinsed and then has 99% of the water removed by a centrifuge. The final dry then just takes minutes in the heated area rug cleaning rack room.

pick up and delivery of area rugs

Final Inspection/Return

Final Inspection/Return

Final Inspection/Return

  • Once dry your rug cleaning  has a final hand inspection.
  •  Any specialty spotting and repairs is done at this time. 
  • The rug is then wrapped for delivery and drop off is scheduled. 
  • You are in the loop via text/email the whole way.
  • You can pay Online.

Pricing Depends On Size And Specialty Items

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